TEAK’s multi-disciplinary approach preserves and unlocks value in enterprises through corporate, financial, organizational, legal and operational restructuring by applying a number of basic principles including the following:

  • Balance sheet restructuring alone is often inadequate.

  • Corporate structures are key to efficient capital structures.  

  • Operational restructuring typically offers the key to unlocking and realising value.

  • A pragmatic approach is often required to achieve effective operational restructuring with management and employee buy-in.

  • A staged strategic approach is generally adopted to facilitate embracement of proposals from all stakeholders including shareholders, management, employees, unions, creditors and other counterparties.

  • TEAK manages expectations to ensure efficient and effective implementation.

  • TEAK’s approach focuses on creating participant alignment.

  • TEAK cleans assets from complex restructurings, extracts value others miss and strategically targets assets from the opportunity created by distress.

  • In contested or difficult scenarios TEAK’s legal and strategic experience together with its relationships in the private and public sector permit it to navigate the most difficult of situations.



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